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Lost Angel would like to thank all our fans wherever you are. Over the years there have been numerous changes in the band as well as with our music style. The road has finally come to an end. The members of Lost Angel have moved on. This site is remaining up as a tribute to all the members of Lost Angel and the music that was created. Our remaining supply of CDs can still be purchased through CD Baby and Amazon, but we don't know how long that will be the case.

Our decision to end the band was ultimately decided when yet another member change was to happen. The member change itself was not the cause, like all other member changes, it was the last contributing factor in a long list to make us reconsider the band as being viable.

All previous members of Lost Angel can submit mail to to have links set up to your current band and this site can act as a launching pad to direct Lost Angel fans to your current projects. This goes out to any previous members, no matter how long ago.

Life is short, enjoy it!


28Kb - 56Kb Select a speed rate to play the entire CD for 30 second preview of each song


28kb - 56Kb Select a speed rate to play the entire CD for 30 second preview of each song

Lost Angel would also like to thank WBZX 99.7(the Blitz) in Columbus for airplay on local stuff. Thanks to WYXZ Z-98 in Mansfield for playing our stuff. And thanks to The FOX 102.3 FM for inviting us to jam at the FOX after work party!

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